Posted on March 9, 2013



Hi there, My name is Min. I’m the co-founder of PlayMoolah – a startup that is changing the financial futures of the next generation of kids, by combining behavioral research with the power of play! At work, I’m more commonly known as the princess of possibility, which pretty much sums up the best job in the world.

I have knack for seeing patterns and spotting potential, and I find great fulfillment connecting the dots to catalyze action. Previously, I’ve have had truly humbling experiences leading amazing organizations, running the nation’s largest business plan competition, and forging global partnerships to build the ecosystem. I also dipped my toes briefly in education, banking, healthcare, and branding, and was part of the rockstar team at a Silicon Valley startup which sold to Skype for $100M.

At other times, I crave for new adventures and seek to collect new mental models that continue to make me see the world in new and surprising ways. The most energizing experiences I’ve had are the conversations with other forward-thinkers, kayaking at midnight over the san andreas fault-line amidst glowing bioluminesence, and meeting the most amazing people through couchsurfing.

My wish is for people to find happiness living an authentic life built on compassion and courage. Ultimately, I hope to inspire more young people to take charge of their futures and become change agents in their communities.